About Kensington Consulting LLC

Kensington Consulting LLC is a significant contributor to Federal, State and local transportation/transit agencies in the fields of system safety, system security and emergency preparedness. The firm was chartered in November of 2004, and serves clients across the United States and internationally. Contact us at kensingtonconsulting@verizon.net.


Kensington Consulting is currently working with the USDOT’s training agency, the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI), to develop and deliver training in the upcoming MAP-21 changes, including instruction in  49 CFR Parts 670, 672, 673 and 674 regulations to integrate Safety Management Systems (SMS) into transit agencies per FTA safety requirements.


Kensington Consulting personnel provide broad experience in a wide range of System Safety, System Security and Emergency Preparedness activities including specialized expertise in rail system safety and security audits.


Kensington Consulting provides expertise in the following functional areas:


  • FTA-compliant Safety Management Systems
  • System Safety and System Security Program Planning, Administration and Implementation
  • Transportation Operations, Maintenance, Training, Management and Administration
  • Transit Safety and Security
  • Transit Industry Best Practices
  • Federal Transit Regulations and Oversight
  • APTA System Safety Plan Guidelines
  • Transit System Safety and Security Audits
  • Effective Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety & OSHA compliance
  • Drug and Alcohol compliance
  • TSA regulations as applied to public transit entities
  • Safety Management Auditing and Assessments

Download Summary of Qualifications & Expertise
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